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Share4Care Hope and Second Chances

November is finally here, and Boughter Law Office is excited to announce the launch of our new Share4Care campaign to benefit CARE of South Bend!  CARE of South Bend is a 501(c)3, nonprofit charity that works with South Bend Animal Care and Control (SBACC) to offer important programs and services that save the lives of South Bend’s homeless animals.  The plight of shelter animals has always been a cause close to the heart of personal injury attorney, Robert Boughter.  That's why in the upcoming months, Robert Boughter has pledged to donate $2,000 to CARE of South Bend when the Boughter Law Office Facebook page reaches 1,000 likes.

It is our hope that through this initiative, SBACC will not only receive the financial gain of our $2,000 pledge, but that the community as a whole will become more aware of their mission:

"To create a community, with an emphasis on population control, where no animal of reasonable health or temperament is euthanized simply because he or she does not have a home."

Since launching “Mission No-Kill 2021” in 2011, CARE has been committed to a number of lifesaving initiatives in South Bend:

  • In 2012, after many years of hard work, hope, sweat and tears, the SBACC celebrated the grand opening of a new, state of the art, 9,300 square foot animal shelter.
  • Only a couple years later, in 2014, the South Bend City Council rewrote and adopted an entirely new chapter of laws thanks in large part to CARE's continued activism for the homeless, abandoned, abused and neglected animals in the community.  These laws were designed to improve the standards of care for the animals in our community while promoting responsible pet ownership, an effort which was long overdue, and they are now being suggested as a legislative model for other cities to follow.
  • Through the Rescue Outreach Program (ROP), CARE has also transported 466 animals by driving thousands of miles to rescue groups both far and wide. The ROP is an innovative program designed to give shelter animals that have been passed over for adoption a second “second” chance. By combining aggressive marketing techniques and meticulous communications with a well- coordinated network of volunteer drivers to deliver animals to rescue partners both far and wide, CARE works hard to insure that all animals have every chance available to find loving, lifelong homes.
  • In addition, CARE has provided over $47,000 worth of medical care for the animals at SBACC since 2010 in the hope of increasing their adoptability.  This medical care has included:  hundreds of spay & neuter surgeries, treatment for many heartworm positive dogs, dogs hit by cars, eye surgeries for eye ulcers, numerous pre-paid  vaccinations, multiple dentals, a puppy with a carpal flexural deformity, emergency surgery for a prolapsed uterus, treatment for a poisoned dog , transport exams, extended boarding when needed, and C.A.R.E. medical grants for approved rescue partners who have room to accept our animals into their programs but do not have the resources.
  • In May of 2015, CARE also celebrated the grand opening of a long awaited on-site, medical diagnostic suite. Being able to perform routine parasite screening in-house has given SBACC the ability to improve the level of care that they can provide for the homeless animals in our community.

Creating a community where no animal of reasonable health or temperament is euthanized simply because he or she does not have a home is not an easy task, and achieving this goal is not going to be the result of one single effort.  As a committed member of the community, the Boughter Law Office in South Bend is proud to be joining the fight for shelter animals, and we encourage you to do the same.  All it takes is a second!  Simply like the Boughter Law Office's Facebook page and spread the word about CARE of South Bend.  Together we can all make a difference in the lives of shelter animals!

Watch our campaign video and visit our Share4Care page to find out more, and make sure to check back often on our News page and social media channels to read first-hand accounts about the animals whose lives are being touched.

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