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Football Helmets: Life Savers or Concussion Enablers?

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A high school football player wears a helmet for safety.

At The Boughter Law Office we deal with all kinds of brain and closed head injury cases, so we know how devastating a brain or head injury can be to a person’s life and wellbeing.  That’s why we were surprised when we came across an article by The Huffington Post titled “Football Concussions Crisis Sparks Debate Over Helmet Ban”.  The article includes a debate between two professors, Dr. Ainissa Ramirez and Dr. Robert Cantu.

No Helmet

Dr. Ramirez argues that “eliminating a perceived safety measure -- like a helmet -- players would naturally take less risk.”  She also points out how facemasks have changed the game. “Before the facemask, a player wouldn't dream of hitting an opponent with his head. Why? Because he'd break his nose. But with a facemask protecting him from these kind of bloody injuries, a player was now willing to hit headfirst.”


Taking the other side, Dr. Cantu points out the fact that since the introduction of helmets there has been a “reduction in fatalities over the ensuing 30 years to an average of 4 per year down from 38”.  While Cantu agrees that “removing helmets from football players would reduce the incidence of concussion”, he goes on to say that the concussions would be replaced “with an epidemic of skull fractures and subdural hematoma deaths”.

What do you think?

Click here to read the full article.

Football season is gearing up, and we want to hear your thoughts!  Are you pro-helmet or no helmet?  Be part of the discussion with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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