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National Bike to Work Week


A bike sits in front of a sign that says

May is very well known for Cinco de Mayo, but most people don't know that May 11 - May 15 is National Bike to Work Week. Now that Spring is finally upon us, more and more families are shaking the winter chills off by biking, walking, and jogging. 

The Boughter Law Office wants everyone to be safe this spring season, so here are a few bicycle safety tips:

  • Wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet
  • Always have bright, neon, or fluorescent colors on to make sure you can be seen by drivers
  • Look out and avoid road hazards
  • Obey all traffic laws

If you or a loved one is hurt in a bicycle accident, call the Boughter Law Office today for a free consultation. 

For more bicycle safety tips click here.

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