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Boughter Law Introduces New Expressions Campaign

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An animated video still of a workers compensation case from the new Boughter Law Office videos.

The Boughter Law Office is excited to introduce our brand new line of Expressions videos.  These animated videos will help viewers to recognize some common situations when it is critical to call a lawyer right away, and it is our hope that your first and only call will be to Boughter Law Office.  Watch the videos for yourself at the links below:

Are you or someone you know experiencing one of the situations shown in these videos?  

Are you feeling pushed around by insurance companies who pretend to have your best interest at heart?

The attorneys at Boughter Law Office serve the injured throughout the state of Indiana, and we will ensure that you get the settlement that you deserve without all the hassle of dealing with manipulative insurance companies.  Choose the Boughter Law Office, and settle for more, not less.

Tips for Dealing with Insurance Companies

In most cases, people don’t interact with insurance companies unless they are purchasing insurance or have been in an accident. To add to the stress of being in an accident (and possibly sustaining injuries), it can be time consuming and emotionally draining to worry about obtaining a fair settlement. This is  not to say all insurance companies aren’t fair, but the completely fair ones can be few and far between. We’ve compiled some tips for dealing with insurance companies so you can be...

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Two Injured After a Road-Rage Speed Contest Ends in Crash

Two people were injured after a suspected speed contest ended in a crash. Around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, April 25, Fort Wayne police responded to a report of a crash on Maplecrest and Parrot. At the scene, they found a passenger car and motorcycle that had collided as the result of a road rage incident involving a speed contest. The passenger car involved in the accident was not involved in the speed contest and was rear-ended when the motorcycle tried to cut off the car it was speeding...

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Don’t be strong armed by an insurance company,
Put a fighter on your side and get the results you deserve.

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