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Trucking Accidents & Out-of-Pocket Costs

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Some of the largest and most expensive accidents involve big trucks—thousands of people in the United States die annually from collisions with trucks. Regardless of the cause, the occurrence of a truck accident is enough to greatly affect the lives of those involved, financially and physically as well if there are injuries. The combination of the two escalates the ultimate cost of the accident and soon the medical bills, missed work, and more start to pile up. Out-of-pocket costs for truck accidents can be outlandish. Having experienced trucking accident attorneys who know…

Filing a Claim When Another Driver Isn’t at Fault

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Sometimes it’s easy to know who to point fingers at in the aftermath of an accident. In some cases, however, driver negligence isn’t a factor in an accident. There are actually countless cases in which the factors that caused the accident were outside the drivers’ control. So when the other driver is not the cause, how do you go about getting compensation for any injuries you sustained or damages to your vehicle? When no one is at fault for the accident, the drivers involved have to explore other potential causes for the accident in order to make a claim—some…

How Truck Drivers Can Cheat in Their Logbooks

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Trucking accidents come in all forms—some are due to pure driver negligence and then there are some caused by not so unintentional means. They can be blatant with full intent to work around the laws in place to keep the roadways safe. Part of these laws (specifically Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Section 395.8) includes keeping track of each driver’s hours of service in the form of logbooks. Logbooks require that drivers record four different types of their work activity on a daily basis—hours of off-duty, sleeper berth, driving, and on-duty and not…

6 (Actual) Tips to Combat Driver Fatigue

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It’s one thing to be a bit tired in the last few miles of your drive before getting some shut-eye. It’s another to be drive while experiencing fatigue, which is defined as the result of physical or mental exertion which impairs performance and may come about due to a lack of adequate sleep, extended work hours, strenuous activities, or a combination of these or other factors.  The LTCCS (Large Truck Crash Causation Study) reported that 13% of commercial motor vehicle drivers were fatigued at the time of their crash. On that note, we’ve referenced the Federal…

5 Things You Should Know About Semi-Trucks

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There are approximately 3.5 million truck drivers in the U.S. alone—we share the road with them daily, be it on an extended road trip or a quick excursion to the mall. Essentially if you’re near or on a highway, there’s almost a guarantee you’ll see at least one semi—on that note, it’s necessary to understand a few things about them in order to safely share the road with them. And if you happen to be in an accident with a semi-truck, it’s even more important that you know at least some of what goes into truck driving and liability. Be…

Steps to Take After an Accident

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What should I do immediately after an accident? This is a very common question, and whether you've been in an accident before or if this is your first experience, it can be overwhelming. When you’re involved in an accident, and even for some time after the accident, it’s difficult to get enough clarity to know what you need to do next. You may be injured and the on-scene portion of the aftermath may go by in a blur because of that or because you’re experiencing some level of shock. We’ve put together a list of things to do after an accident (if…

Tips for Dealing with Insurance Companies

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In most cases, people don’t interact with insurance companies unless they are purchasing insurance or have been in an accident. To add to the stress of being in an accident (and possibly sustaining injuries), it can be time consuming and emotionally draining to worry about obtaining a fair settlement. This is  not to say all insurance companies aren’t fair, but the completely fair ones can be few and far between. We’ve compiled some tips for dealing with insurance companies so you can be ready to deal with those calls when the time comes. A few general tips…

10 Tips for Safe Driving in Construction Zones

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Summer is the time for roadwork and we’re seeing it in full force around Indiana. Clusters of orange cones, signs, and safety vests are dotting our usual routes and there are all kinds of reduced speed zones, detours, and lane alterations that come with that roadwork. To stay your safest in the midst of these summer road improvements, here are ten tips for driving safely in work zones. Be ready for anything. Regardless of how major or minor the construction zone is, you never know what might happen in a work site—either on the workers’ end or with other drivers.…

Two Injured After a Road-Rage Speed Contest Ends in Crash

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Two people were injured after a suspected speed contest ended in a crash. Around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, April 25, Fort Wayne police responded to a report of a crash on Maplecrest and Parrot. At the scene, they found a passenger car and motorcycle that had collided as the result of a road rage incident involving a speed contest. The passenger car involved in the accident was not involved in the speed contest and was rear-ended when the motorcycle tried to cut off the car it was speeding around. The adult male driver and adult female passenger of the motorcycle were both taken to a local…

6 Unexpected Dangers of Summertime Driving

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At a glance, a clear, sun-warmed road is much more welcoming than an icy one in the middle of a snowstorm for the average driver—that's what we think of as the main difference between winter and summer driving. Summer driving is always better and easier than winter driving, right? In a lot of ways, yes—but not always. Summertime offers its own dangers to drivers and the road just becomes more dangerous by other drivers who are overconfident without ice, snow, or other foreseeable obstacles to impede their progress. As in any situation in which you’re behind the…

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