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Filing a Claim When Another Driver Isn’t at Fault

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Sometimes it’s easy to know who to point fingers at in the aftermath of an accident. In some cases, however, driver negligence isn’t a factor in an accident. There are actually countless cases in which the factors that caused the accident were outside the drivers’ control. So when the other driver is not the cause, how do you go about getting compensation for any injuries you sustained or damages to your vehicle? When no one is at fault for the accident, the drivers involved have to explore other potential causes for the accident in order to make a claim—some…

Steps to Take After an Accident

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What should I do immediately after an accident? This is a very common question, and whether you've been in an accident before or if this is your first experience, it can be overwhelming. When you’re involved in an accident, and even for some time after the accident, it’s difficult to get enough clarity to know what you need to do next. You may be injured and the on-scene portion of the aftermath may go by in a blur because of that or because you’re experiencing some level of shock. We’ve put together a list of things to do after an accident (if…

10 Tips for Safe Driving in Construction Zones

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Summer is the time for roadwork and we’re seeing it in full force around Indiana. Clusters of orange cones, signs, and safety vests are dotting our usual routes and there are all kinds of reduced speed zones, detours, and lane alterations that come with that roadwork. To stay your safest in the midst of these summer road improvements, here are ten tips for driving safely in work zones. Be ready for anything. Regardless of how major or minor the construction zone is, you never know what might happen in a work site—either on the workers’ end or with other drivers.…

Keep Indiana Construction Crews Safe

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Several construction workers are repairing the road on the highway. When it comes to Indiana roads, the Summer season might as well be named "Construction Season" with all of the road work that happens. The warmer weather and longer days give construction crews plenty of hours to treat distressed, unstable roadway conditions. Though the construction crew workers are surrounded by bright orange traffic cones, posted warning signs, and the reflective safety vests they are required to wear, the risk of an injury is still great. With this week being Work Zone Awareness Week, we want to do our part to ensure the safety of the men and women who work hard…

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