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Distracted Driving and Our Pledge

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We hear about the shocking statistics surrounding the repercussions of texting while driving. As if the facts are not enough to compel us to put down our smartphones, we also see the heartbreaking videos sharing real-life stories told by loved ones of those who have died at the expense of distracted driving. Unfortunately, the statistics and stories don't seem to be enacting change, as the numbers of distracted driving statistics are still staggering. For instance, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported in November 2015 that fatality estimates increased by 8.1% from the previous year, and the fatality rate rose by 4.4%.


Serving in the personal injury and accident industry, we are passionate about representing the injured. We sympathize with people in their time of need, because injury and loss is difficult. We have seen the fear in a mother's eyes because of injuries she suffered from in an tragic accident -- fear that her injuries will prevent her from being able to provide for her family or play with her children. We have no choice but to fight for her, and victims of personal injury just like her.


Although accidents are inevitable, it's cases like this that cause us take a deeper look at how accidents can be avoided, or occur less often. With distracted driving fatalities on the rise, we hope to do our part in decreasing these statistics and defending those who are hurt by them.


We not only vow to put our smartphones down while driving and going through day-to-day life - we pledge to start reminding our loved ones to do the same as they walk out the door... because we want "see you later" to really mean see you later.

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