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Fort Wayne Charis House

During the weeks leading up to Super Bowl 50, we had the opportunity to partner with The Rescue Mission in Fort Wayne, IN. Founded in 1903, The Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization bringing hope, restoration, and resources to men, women, and children suffering from homelessness. There are four branches of service within The Rescue Mission:



Specifically, we got to team up with the Charis House, and several of you were able to get involved as well! We held a mini-campaign on our Facebook Page asking the “Thousand Dollar Question.” In part, this question was to raise awareness for the recent Boughter Law Office commercial which was aired during Super Bowl 50; however, fifty correct answers from our Facebook followers provided a 1,000 dollar grant made out to the Charis House on behalf of Boughter Law Office. The donation will provide the Charis House with 600 meals of hope to better serve the women and children staying there.


We are thrilled to come alongside The Rescue Mission and to gain a deeper understanding of how they are changing lives for good. If you would like to support the vision as well, you can donate to The Rescue Mission on their website.

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