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Kids from the Fort Wayne Urban League are reading books together.

For years, Boughter Law Office has looked for ways to be involved in the Fort Wayne community. Being a personal injury law firm that represents Hoosiers, we find it extremely important to stay in touch with people and organizations in the community - especially those working hard to make Indiana a better place to live. We believe the Fort Wayne Urban League (FWUL) is an organization doing just that - making the area a better place to live. 


"For more than 90 years, the Fort Wayne Urban League has provided a wide variety of services to help thousands of diverse Fort Wayne residents reach their potential, and achieve self-sufficiency for themselves and their families. It has also served as a significant recruitment source for employers seeking to develop an inclusive workforce. Today the Fort Wayne Urban League continues to fulfill its mission through the delivery of programs that address contemporary needs, as we pursue our vision to be the premier catalyst for positive change in the quality of life for African Americans and others in the greater Fort Wayne Community." --Fort Wayne Urban League


We are looking forward to partnering with this organization, specifically the after-school program for youth, to help enact change and foster growth in the greater Fort Wayne community. Last week we had the opportunity to visit with some of the students and hear their thoughts on how the FWUL has impacted their lives. One student shared that Martin Luther King Jr. is her hero because he made it possible for her to sit next to her best friend in school. In the near future, we will be telling more stories of those who have been positively impacted by the FWUL and also sharing how you can get involved!


Be on the look-out for future posts about the Fort Wayne Urban League, and visit the Urban League website for more information.

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