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According to the Northwest Indiana Times, even with the "federal mandate that all Americans purchase health insurance, about 1 in 8 Hoosiers still are personally responsibile for all the costs of their medical care." With an equal likelihood of accidents happening to the insured and uninsured, those without insurance are, in a sense, playing the lottery on a daily basis, hoping that sickness and injury avoid them. 


Unfortunately good health and luck aren't enough to keep the uninsured out of the hospital. This has led to an estimated $3 billion a year in health coverage costs people cannot pay. These charges then get passed off to insurance paying Indiana residents in the form of higher insurance rates. NWI Times informs readers that recently, a multi-judged panel of the Indiana Court of Appeals has urged the Supreme Court to look at the consequences and reasonableness (or lack thereof) of hospital charges. 


An Indiana resident involved in a motorcycle accident was billed $629,386.50 for medical care. His lack of insurance has spured him on to challenge the reasonableness of Parkview Hospital's prices. The Indiana resident is not asking for lower payment, a special favor, or refusing to pay -- he is simply questioning why and how he could be charged significantly more for the exact same services than those who are insured. The issue isn't that he is being charged more. No, it is that hospital chargemasters have a way of masking costs and concealing prices, which ultimately blindsides those being treated. 


With an inconclusive outcome, we will keep readers posted on this subject. For now, if you are experiencing issues with insurance coverage, contact our office and get a free consultation. Boughter Law Office has experience dealing with insurance companies, and we are here to help.


Source: Northwest Indiana Times

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