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Largest U.S. Safety Recall: Takata Airbag


A young boy is carefully driving a new car and looking at the road.

There are several milestones in life that lend a moment of celebration - a few of those milestones being centered around vehicles. How about the moment a teenager turns 16 and gets his license? All of a sudden, he has the same freedom on the road as every other driver. Another milestone is purchasing a verhicle. Whether it's new or used, purchasing a vehicle gives you many years of responsibility and ownership over something, and that's exciting. However, what if each of these milestones was tainted by a safety defect? If the 16-year-old driver took the keys and sped down the road for the first time, only to find out the airbag was defective, the celebratory day would end very differently. Or maybe the new vehicle purchase was overshadowed by a faulty airbag, creating unnecessary stress and several trips to a repair shop. 

Major parts supplier, Takata, unfortunately contributed to several of the frustrating instances mentioned above. Recalls on airbags have been reported in vehicles made by 14 different automakers. Frontal airbags, along with driver's side and passenger's side airbags, have all been reported as defective, leading to what NHTSA has called "the largest and most complex safety recall in U.S. history." The defective airbags were installed in car models ranging from years 2002 to 2015. The issue lies with the airbag's inflator. This piece is a metal cartridge that has been known to ignite with explosive force, leading to injury and death. Read more about the mechanics of the issue here.

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Source: ConsumerReports

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