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Notre Dame Football Traffic

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Several cars are stopped in a traffic jam on the evening commute.

Notre Dame football games have always been highly anticipated and well attended, but with Notre Dame coming in at #6 in the AP poll and #8 in the coaches' poll, this year's crowds are expected to be bigger than ever!  If you live in South Bend, Indiana, you are probably familiar with Notre Dame football . . . but are you familiar with the special Notre Dame football traffic and parking laws for game days?  Whether you are a Notre Dame fan or not, the following tips will help you navigate the roads if you happen to find yourself near campus on game day:

Pre-Game Traffic

A designated one-way traffic pattern will be in place 3 hours prior to kick-off on game days.  For more information, visit the Notre Dame Security Police website or if you arrive and are unsure of what to do just follow the signals given by the police officers. This one-way traffic pattern helps to prevent traffic backups by streamlining the traffic flow around campus.  To access central campus when the one-way traffic pattern is in effect requires a special pass.

Please also keep in mind that, unless otherwise posted, the speed limit on campus is only 20 mph.  Also be sure to keep a close eye out for pedestrians due to the large amount of fan traffic before and after games.

Post-Game Traffic

After the game, Douglas Road will be open, but traffic may be stopped periodically to facilitate clearing out post-game traffic.  Stay alert, and be prepared to stop frequently.  Also, the one-way traffic pattern will remain in effect until approximately one to two hours after the game depending upon the traffic flow, so make sure to watch for signals from police officers on which way to go.


If you are looking for a place to park, almost all of the public parking is located to the north of campus.  One convenient option is the Notre Dame Golf Course which has public parking available first come, first serve every game day.

It is important to note that motorcycles, vehicles with trailers and large trucks are prohibited from parking in any lot on game day.  Also, all lots will close 3 hours after a game ends, so any vehicles that remain more than 3 hours post-game will be towed at the owner’s expense.


While tailgating is encouraged pre and post-game, tailgating during Notre Dame football games is strictly prohibited.  If you plan to tailgate and do not have tickets to the game, you will need to find an alternative location near campus to watch the game and then you can resume tailgating after the game is over.  This policy helps to promote a family friendly atmosphere by attempting to limit the excessive drinking that can sometimes occur with all day tailgating.

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