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Personal Injury Boating Accident on Adams Lake

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A police boat in the water oversees activities among other boaters.

The warmer weather has people hauling out the boats and life jackets and hitting the lake. However, when Rick Huddleston of Fort Wayne and Dakota Dellahan of Muskegon drove their personal watercraft vehicles too close to one another, Tuesday took a turn for the worst (literally). Both operaters were making sharp turns toward one another, when the vehicles got too close.

The accident occured at Adams Lake in LaGrange County. Though both operators were wearing the legally required flotation devices, Dellahan was transported to Parkview Hospital for medical attention to his arm, shoulder, back, ribs, and lung. This personal injury accident was investigated by Indiana Conservation Officers, as well as the Indiana State Police. 

As the Summer months approach, it can be tempting to relax and carelessly operate a boat while on the water. However, driving a boat takes just as much concentration as any other vehicle. We urge you to drive carefully and pay attention to other watercraft vehicles. Stay safe this summer!

If you find yourself in a situation like victim, Dakota Dellahan, reach out to Boughter Law Office for legal advice. We have experience in dealing with boating accidents and will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve.


Source: WBIW

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