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South Bend Turns 150


Boughter Law Office is thrilled to be part of the South Bend community. Having an office in South Bend gives us the opportunity to deal directly with local residents who are looking for a personal injury lawyer in South Bend and the surrounding communities. With the city recently celebrating it's 150th anniversary, we want to share a small piece of history about the building that holds our South Bend law office. 


After doing some research, we realized the First Bank Building, where our South Bend law office is located, is the oldest business in South Bend. Founded in 1863, the bank has gone through several changes, but is now known as the First Bank building. It landed in it's current location at the corner of Main and Jefferson in 1940, and remains there to this day. Inside that building, you'll find the personal injury lawyers of Boughter Law Office


If you are in the South Bend area and in need of a trucking accident lawyer, workers' compensation attorney, or representation for a car accident, be sure to step inside the First Bank Building and find Boughter Law Office. We will aggressively fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve!


Check out some photos of the historic First Bank Building below:


South Bend First Bank Building 

Original foundation in 1863 


South Bend Historic First Bank  

Corner of Main and Jefferson in 1940



Photo courtesy: The South Bend Tribune

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