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Steps to Take After a Workplace Injury

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A construction worker is wearing safety gear at the worksite.

Perhaps today started out just like any other day. You were operating machinery at work and everything seemed "business as usual." Out of nowhere, a malfunction occurs and makes you the punching bag, so to speak. The disoriented feeling after being hit in the head is inevitable – what's not inevitable is a quick recovery. Being injured on the job is an incredibly vulnerable position to be in. It's important to know and understand your rights as an injured worker, and we want to help. Here are a few ways to make sure you obtain the proper care and workers' compensation you deserve:

  • Don't hesitate on reporting the injury – There is a legal deadline that you must meet to make sure you maintain your right to workers' compensation. Employers are required to document workplace injury reports – this will ensure both parties are taken care of.
  • Build a list of witnesses – By collecting eye witnesses, you'll have a stronger, more credible case.
  • Seek immediate medical care – Your employer is required by law to provide you with medical attention after an injury occurs. If this action isn't offered to you, make sure you know it's available. The longer you wait before receiving a documented medical examination, the easier it is for insurance companies to claim that your delay is evidence of false injury.
  • Be open and honest with your doctor about the symptoms you experience – This is an opportunity for you to build up documentation about the incident. Provide specific details and be sure to not leave anything out.
  • Follow the doctor's orders – Take the medical advice you are given very seriously – this will show that you are actively working on a healthy recovery.
  • Contact a personal injury attorney – Our team of fighters is ready and capable to fight for you and your right to workers' compensation. Boughter Law Office will fight to ensure that your process is handled ethically, and with you in mind. Contact us for a free consultation if you find yourself in a situation like this.

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