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Injury caused by a dog bite or animal attack.Pet owners have a legal obligation to control their animals. Dog bites and other animal attacks can cause serious injury. Children are often the victims of such attacks and making sure the animal's owner is held liable may be the only way to ensure that the pet is brought under control or destroyed, when necessary.

Dog bites and animal attacks can cause serious and disfiguring bite mark injuries that require expensive medical treatment and even reconstructive surgery. Every year thousands of people are injured as a result of dog bites and other vicious animal attacks. We know that some very good dogs occasionally bite and cause serious injury. In most dog bite cases, the pet owner's homeowner's insurance covers the cost of compensation for your injuries. In most cases, the dog owner does not have to pay anything personally. If you have been injured by a dog owned by a close friend, relative, or neighbor, don't hesitate to talk to us about how to proceed with your injury claim case. That's why people buy insurance--to compensate injury victims. Failure to act will only benefit the insurance companies; this is just one example why you need the Boughter Law Office, an experienced dog bite and accident attorney law firm.

Preventing Dog Bites:  Simple Steps to Protect You and Your Dog

Man’s best friend - to many that is exactly what their dog is to them - not merely a pet, but a friend, a companion, a part of the family.  Many people can’t imagine that their dog would ever bite or attack anyone, but no matter how confident you are in your dog, it is still important to do your part to help prevent dog bites and attacks.  Even the most docile dog can be provoked to bite under the right circumstances.  Why?  Because…

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Cold Weather Pet Safety

Winter weather is upon us, and it can be just as problematic for pets as it is for people. Cold weather can pose serious threats to pets’ health and safety. Here are some tips for keep pets safe in the cold weather: During below-freezing temperatures, the best place for your pet is inside! Cats should be kept indoors exclusively and dogs should only be taken out only briefly to urinate and/or defecate.  If you absolutely must leave pets outdoors for a…

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