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A doctor is wearing handcuffs because he was involved in medical malpracticePeople rely on doctors, nurses and pharmacists to help them fight sickness and get healthy. It is not uncommon, however, that these medical professionals make mistakes and cause greater pain or injury to those they are trying to help. The Boughter Law Office holds medical professionals in high regard; however, when they fall below the standard of care, it is important that they be held legally accountable for their oftentimes life-threatening and deadly mistakes. Failure to timely diagnosis cancer and falling below the standard of care while performing surgery are devastating events that can lead to an early demise or a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Medical malpractice can be claimed from a number of different situations, including:

  • Medication errors
  • Misdiagnosis or delayed treatment
  • Lack of informed consent
  • Medical records mistakes
  • Surgical errors
  • EMT and emergency room mistakes
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Meningitis
  • Group B Strep
  • Failure to diagnose cancer
  • Birth injuries
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Erb's Palsy
  • Paralysis
  • Fatal medical mistakes/wrongful death
  • Delivery room errors
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Faulty equipment
  • Prescription errors
  • Additionally, pharmacists and pharmacy techs can be responsible for illness or injury.
  • Failure to recognize a dangerous drug interaction
  • Administering the wrong dosage
  • Administering the wrong medication

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, prolonged sickness or avoidable infection due to the negligence or inattention of a medical professional, you need a skilled lawyer. You will be up against a large and well-funded adversary who will attempt to delay, deny or devalue your claim at every turn. We have the experience and know-how to battle these organizations and ensure you recover the maximum monetary compensation possible in your situation. Contact our Indiana offices today to schedule a free consultation.

Third Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

Believe it or not, the third leading cause of death in the United States results from medical mistakes. These mistakes can occur from surgical complications, prescription mix-ups, incorrect medication dosage, and more. When these mistakes go unnoticed by doctors and other medical staff, they can turn life-threatening. A study led by Johns Hopkins Medicine researches urges the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to add medical errors to the list reporting causes of…

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