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Car Accident & Personal Injury

Client was involved in a motor vehicle collision when the at-fault driver was traveling too fast for conditions and was unable to stop for a stop sign on a winter day thereby sliding through an intersection.  Client did not present to an emergency room on the day of the accident but was seen several days later by her primary care physician who diagnosed her with neck pain, right wrist pain, back pain and headaches.  Thereafter, she did not have any treatment for her right wrist until approximately 8 months later and it was not until approximately 11 months later she was diagnosed with a ligament tear in her wrist necessitating surgery.  The Defendant denied liability and further denied that the wrist injury was causally related to the automobile accident.  The Boughter Law Office retained a medical expert, which casually related the ligament tear and resulting surgery to the accident.  In addition, the Boughter Law Office retained an economist to estimate client’s loss of future earning capacity claim.  After lengthy litigation, the at-fault driver’s insurer paid out $50,000.00, the maximum recoverable under the subject policy of insurance. The Boughter Law Office made an underinsured claim under the client’s policy of insurance and successfully negotiated an additional $135,000.00 in new money to settle the underinsured claim.  

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