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The following case examples and results are for informational purposes only. Past results cannot guarantee future performance. Any testimonial, endorsement, or result in any single particular case does not constitute a promise or guarantee regarding the outcome of any other case. The Boughter Law Office works aggressively to obtain the very best result for every client; however, each case is different with its own set of unique facts and the laws of the jurisdiction where the lawsuit must be filed. Likewise, results will always be different from case to case. For that reason, the result that the Boughter Law Office obtained in one case is in no way a guarantee that the same or similar result will occur in any future case.


Automobile Accident-policy limits

The Boughter Law Office recovered the maximum insurance limits for a client T-boned by another driver who failed to yield the right of way.  


Auto Injury

Settlement, representing full policy limits, for a young woman injured when the car in which she was a passenger was traveling at a high rate of speed and lost control and flipped on its side. The Boughter Law Office immediately retained Affidavits from various witnesses and was able to settle the case without filing a lawsuit.


Car Accident & Catastrophic Injury

Client was involved in a head-on collision with an excavating truck that was towing a Cat Skid Steer.  The at-fault driver failed to yield to client’s vehicle and made a sudden turn in front of her vehicle, resulting in the client suffering fractures to her leg and ankle.  While the client made a good physical recovery, she was at risk for future problems with her lower extremity.  The Boughter Law Office retained an independent medical expert to give an opinion regarding the complexities of her injuries and the long term prognosis.  In addition, a life care expert was retained to provide a cost projection of future medical expenses.  The client owed approximately $63,000.00 in medical bills.  At mediation, the defense denied liability and offered only $135,000.00, which was promptly rejected.  The battle waged on and months later the Boughter Law Office was triumphant in securing the client the fair value of her claim.  


Car Accident & Personal Injury

Client was involved in a motor vehicle collision when the at-fault driver was traveling too fast for conditions and was unable to stop for a stop sign on a winter day thereby sliding through an intersection.  Client did not present to an emergency room on the day of the accident but was seen several days later by her primary care physician who diagnosed her with neck pain, right wrist pain, back pain and headaches.  Thereafter, she did not have any treatment for her right wrist until approximately 8 months later and it was not until approximately 11 months later she was diagnosed with a ligament tear in her wrist necessitating surgery.  The Defendant denied liability and further denied that the wrist injury was causally related to the automobile accident.  The Boughter Law Office retained a medical expert, which casually related the ligament tear and resulting surgery to the accident.  In addition, the Boughter Law Office retained an economist to estimate client’s loss of future earning capacity claim.  After lengthy litigation, the at-fault driver’s insurer paid out $50,000.00, the maximum recoverable under the subject policy of insurance. The Boughter Law Office made an underinsured claim under the client’s policy of insurance and successfully negotiated an additional $135,000.00 in new money to settle the underinsured claim.  


Car Accident & Personal Injury - Railroad Crossing

Client was stopped at a railroad crossing waiting for a train to pass when he was violently struck in the rear of his vehicle by a distracted driver, resulting in catastrophic property damage and serious personal injuries, including back and neck injuries for which he underwent months of treatment.  The Plaintiff’s medical bills totaled approximately $37,000.00.  The insurer made an offer pre-suit that the client was inclined to accept; however, the Boughter law Office believed the offer did not represent the fair value of the claim and, therefore, the offer was rejected and a lawsuit was filed against the at fault driver.  Shortly thereafter, the Boughter Law Office was able to resolve the claim for the fair value without defense counsel ever filing an appearance.  The Boughter Law Office diligently worked to reduce the outstanding medical bills and liens down to less than $7,000.00, allowing the client to maximize his recovery.


Car Accident & Personal Injury - Stop Sign

Client suffered two broken legs when a driver ran a stop sign causing a violent collision.  The Boughter Law Office secured the client the maximum recovery possible under all policies of insurance without the need for filing suit.  The Boughter Law Office vigorously negotiated reductions in the liens allowing the client to maximize her recovery.


Car Accident & Personal Injury - Rolled Vehicle

Client suffered a finger-tip amputation and facial bruising when her vehicle was struck and rolled due to another driver’s negligence.  The at-fault driver’s insurance company failed to make a reasonable offer of settlement pre-suit and the Boughter Law Office would accept nothing less than the maximum liability insurance proceeds.  Once suit was filed, the insurer caved and offered the full liability limits of $100,000.00 and an additional $5,000.00 was paid in medical payments coverage.  The client was very grateful for our efforts and to this day keeps in contact with Mr. Boughter.   


Car Accident & Personal Injury - T-bone Accident

Client was involved in a T-bone accident due to a driver’s negligence in failing to stop for a red light.  As a result, the client suffered extensive facial trauma, which fortunately healed with only minor scarring.  The insurer failed to offer the fair value of the claim pre-suit offering only $38,000.00.  Likewise, the Boughter Law Office filed suit and after litigating the claim for months the insurer finally paid the fair value of the claim.  


Car Accident & Personal Injury - Red Light

Client was a passenger in a vehicle that was violently struck and rolled several times due to another driver running a red light.  Client suffered a catastrophic hand injury.  The Boughter Law Office recovered the client the maximum available under all policies of insurance and negotiated significant reductions in medical bills, which totaled over $200,000.00, allowing the client to still make a substantial monetary recovery.    

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