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General Negligence and Workers’ Compensation

Recovery for a man who injured his back and suffered a broken wrist while working within the course and scope of his employment as a truck driver.  The client had picked up a load of baked goods from a local bakery.  As he climbed on back of the bakery’s trailer to secure the load, the canvas strap broke and the client fell off the rear of the trailer landing hard to the ground.  Multiple depositions of the defendant’s employees were taken that established a lackadaisical attitude towards safety.  The bakery employee, a supervisor, who oversaw the loading of the trailer at issue admitted in his deposition that if the trailers are loaded to the back door that this poses a danger to the drivers.  The Boughter Law Office retained a trucking expert, vocational expert, and medical expert, all of which fostered the winning result obtained.  In addition to the $500,000.00 recovery in the third party case, the Boughter Law Office recovered $200,000 for the client in his worker’s compensation case along with his TTD, medical, and waiver of the worker’s compensation lien bringing the total value in excess of $800,000.00.  

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